Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Phonics and Spelling Book: With dictation exercises

Written to support the new National Curriculum for English Key Stages 1 and 2, The Phonics and Spellings Book is a practical book which provides guidance on using systematic and structured teaching of spelling as a means to both teach spelling and knowledge of word structures and to simultaneously secure good reading and writing skills. It includes the first three thousand words or 84% of written text coverage which are essential for achieving good grades in exams at both primary and secondary school.

Written by an experienced English Specialist Teacher, the book includes tried and tested teaching reading and spelling skills methods which work with all abilities of children.   Sections in the book include:

·        Year 1 phonics tests papers

·        Comprehensive grapheme tests for all phases; with instructions

·        Step by Step Phonics and Learning to Read guidance

·        Complete spelling list which include academic words lists for secondary school

·        Graded dictation exercises which link the spelling lists to writing

·        Weekly Dictation sentences and passages for each year group

·        Ideas for fun and engaging teaching spelling activities

This book can be used by teachers for whole class, group or individual work. Adults working with children on interventions programmes will find the grapheme tests helpful in identifying their specific needs. The book can also be effectively used for Private and Home tutoring where the learner needs to secure good word and vocabulary skills for performing well in exams. This is a one off purchase spelling book for up to end of secondary school requirement.

You can purchase this book from Amazon through the link below or by clicking the qr code on the right:

Monday, 18 February 2013

Reading, Writing and Spelling

Are you looking to improve your pupils’ spelling, reading and writing skills? Would you like to improve your Year 1 pupils’ phonics test performance? Would you like a complete set for assessing English words graphemes?

Look no further, here is a book that does all that and much more.

Teach any child to read: The Teaching and Testing of Phonics and Spelling Book will help your children and school achieve top marks in Spelling, reading and writing.

Private Tutors and Interventions Teachers have all they need in this book for delivering effective teaching each time.

Parents wishing to help their children at home will find the step by step instructions approach of the book valuable.

You can purchase the book from Amazon.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

The Complete Key Stage 2 SATs Mathematics revision practice book

The revision exercises in this book have been used successfully with children from various primary schools in preparation for the Standard Assessment Tests taken at the end of their primary school education in Year 6 and for improving their basic mathematics skills like calculations and reasoning.

Secondary students and others who are not confident in some areas of mathematics will find this book, a valuable handbook.

The book is suitable for whole class use, groups or individuals working with an adult or independently at school.

The book is also ideal for private or home tutoring.