Spelling Champ

 LO: To assess students spelling. 

Spelling Champ is an adapted version of Spelling Bees competition.  

What to do:

Select three levels of spelling difficulty from the spelling booklet for each ability level Easy, Medium and hard for a mixed ability class grouping arrangement. 

Class topic vocabulary should be given to students at the beginning of each unit of study e.g. science words, history, etc. These should also form part of the spelling rounds at some point during the term.  

Distribute a list of all the spelling words to be assessed one week in advance so students have a chance to learn them.  

During the spelling competition, call out words for each child from the homework list according his or her spelling level; give easy words to easy spellers, etc.

To meet all learning styles, ensure children have paper to practice writing their target word before spelling out orally; they need all three processes of: hear, write and say to be successful.

Use the chart below to record table scores; you can have as many rounds as you wish, provided every child in the group or table gets a chance to spell a word at his or her level.  

Have a reward system for overall winners e.g. stars, certificates, etc.

Tell the children: 

Number yourselves 1-5 or 1-6 and write this order down against your names (tables with 5 people instead of 6 will be allowed to nominate someone to take two turns).

Each table will have various "lifelines".

For every correct spelling, teams receive 5 points. 


If any of these are used, you will only receive 2 points instead of 5. 


You may ask someone on your table to help you. To do this, you must indicate to the referee that you wish to nominate someone else to spell the target word and say who it is that you would like to nominate. 

50:50 (Teams can have two of this).

This means that: You may ask for an easier spelling before attempting to spell the word (not after you've spelt it incorrectly!).  

If a team has all their lifelines left at the end of the game, a bonus 5 points will be awarded and added to your total score!

Use the score chart below to record table scores; remember to take note of words misspelled to work on after the competition. 

Score Chart 

Team 1
Team 2
Team 3
Team 4
Team 5
Team 6
Round 1 (Easy)
Round 1 (Mid)
Round 1 (Hard)
Round 2
Round 2 (Mid)
Round 2 (Hard)
Round 3
Round 3 (Mid)
Round 3 (Hard)
Round 4
Round 4 (Mid)
Round 4 (Hard)
Phone a friend (tick)
50/50 (tick)
Bonus points
Total score


Have fun!


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