Your Reading Journal

What you could write in your reading journal:

Pencil Eraser And Journal Clip Art
Using your reading journal:

1.    Rate the book out of   /10.

2.  Write Character profiles.

3.  Write a description of the main character: his/her looks, the way s/he dresses, talks and personality.

4.  Rate or describe a scene.

5.  List the words and phrases used to create an atmosphere.

6.  Summarise a whole chapter.

7.  After reading the first chapter, predict how you think the story might end.

8.  Put yourself in the book, what role would you play?

9.  Write about what you think a character might be thinking or feeling at different points in the story.

10.               Write a letter to a character in the book giving your views on a particular incidence.

11. Write a letter to a character in the book giving them advice on an issue.

12.               In role as one of the characters, make a diary entry after an incident in the story.

13.               Complete speech and thought bubbles for characters in particular scenes.

14.               Devise interview questions for a character in the book.

15.               Write speech bubbles for two characters in a scene.

16.               Hot seat a class mate in role as a character.

17.               Extend a particular scene.

18.               Write an alternative ending to the book.

19.               Introduce new characters into a scene, how will they behave?

20.              Role play a scene from the book.

21.               Write a story map for key events in the story.

22.              Write a play script for a scene in the book.

23.              For non -fiction write five new things you learnt.

24.              Be a word detective; find five examples of the word class you are working on in class e.g. find five adjectives, adverbs etc.

25.              Use your found words in sentences.

26.              Write down new and unfamiliar words you meet during reading, find out their meanings and use them in sentences.

27.              Choose a descriptive word from the text; find five synonyms and five antonyms for it.

28.              Summarise your favourite part of the book, giving reasons for liking it.

29.              Rewrite the whole story as a minisaga: story using fifty words or less.

30.              Review of the book- What was

·     Good

·     Funny

·     Interesting

·     Not so good

31.               Would you recommend the book to someone else? Why?

32.              Give your views on author's presentation of the subject.

33.              Write a letter to the author giving your view of a character or scene.

34.              Write some questions you would like to ask the author.

35.              Hold a Booker Prize competition to vote for your favourite book, Present synopsis of the book and after whole class presentations, take vote on the winner.


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